About Our Company!

As an author and speaker myself, I know the pain points of working a full-time job and launching a business! For me, I was forced into full-time entrepreneurship when I was let go from my job in October of 2015. Since then, I have worked with many rising authors and speakers, and a few household names.  My motto is OHIO-- Only Handle It Once, and my goal is to ensure that each client can do what they love to do, and I focus on managing the day to day operations! Let's partner together to create lasting impact! 

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Clients we have serviced 

Purposely Created Publishing                Kim Coles                                                Black Presbyerians United 

Cheryl Polote Williamson LLC               No Limits Ministries                               Empowered Walking Int

Speaklife Enterprises                            Faith Presbyterian Church                     Known As Monique LLC